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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What if the person who hit me in a car accident has no insurance?

A: Unfortunately, studies show that New Mexico has one of the highest levels of uninsured drivers in the country. The best way to ensure you are still able to recover if the person who hit you has no auto insurance is to purchase uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage from your own insurer. This means your own insurer will cover the bodily injuries you and your passengers suffer, even if the accident was someone else's fault. If an accident has already occurred and you need assistance, the Law Office of Keith Franchini can examine your case and determine if there are any other ways we can obtain recovery for you.

Q: Who will pay my medical bills if I do not have health insurance?

A: If you do not have health insurance, consult your car insurance policy as it might provide some medical coverage. Additionally, an attorney may arrange for a letter of protection, which is a letter your attorney gives to the medical provider guaranteeing the medical expenses will be paid out of the personal injury settlement. We have built a solid reputation within the Albuquerque, New Mexico, medical communities, positioning our office to help you obtain necessary medical treatment.

Q: How long do I have to file my case?

A: In New Mexico, the statute of limitations on personal injury matters is generally three years from the date the incident occurred. However, if the lawsuit is against the city, county, or state, you must first notify the government within 90 days of the injury (or within six months if the incident resulted in a death), and then you must file the lawsuit within two years.